BACKBONE.DE is an open platform for the comprehensive integration of wide-ranging business applications. From company-wide ERP/PPS to the integration of highly specialised machines and sensors, it provides the basis for complete vertical and horizontal integration.

BACKBONE.DE is both modern middleware (or an EAI platform) for the integration of all business applications and a workflow engine specifically for production. It therefore includes many standard components and interfaces for production-related third-party systems such as:

  • Workstation
  • Operating data logging/machine data logging
  • ERP
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Warehouse/material flow
  • Planning
  • Process
  • QM
  • PLC

A wide range of standard connectors are available to integrate these systems. For example:

  • (S)FTP
  • Database
  • E-mail
  • Messaging services (MQS, JMS and MSMQ)
  • OPC (Windows systems only)
  • RFC 1006 (ISO on TCP)
  • RS 232 / RS 485
  • SAP (IDoc, BAPI)
  • Siemens S7 Fetch/Write
  • SQL
  • Structured text file
  • TCP/IP socket
  • UMCM
  • VIEWER.DE connector
  • Web service (RESTful/SOAP)
  • XML

The solution includes a set of configurable standard converters for the processing and transformation of the data streams through the connectors. BACKBONE.DE also includes a “business process/development environment” for creating more specialised processes in Java.

All business processes are monitored in runtime and an alarm is output in the event of capacity problems or faults. The data collected is then compiled, visualised and evaluated in offline performance analysis.


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