Project Description

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Efficient operating data logging/machine data logging in the aerospace industry

Products for the aerospace industry must meet strict quality requirements. The entire production process must be secure, traceable and efficient. DESC is a paperless and adaptive system that guides production staff through complex processes. Operating procedures, parts lists, production plans, CAD, ERP, personnel data and much more are adapted to the process and made available digitally at the workstation. Machine and process data can be recorded during the production process – with no extra work. Quality is efficiently ensured thanks to innovative support from DESC, so there is no need for lengthy and expensive subsequent quality control procedures.

DESC communicates bidirectionally with all ERP systems in real time. At the same time, all electronically controlled automation units required for the application such as visual and audio output systems and data collection equipment can also be integrated. Steps carried out by the employee, the materials used and all necessary quality and process values are reliably documented. This ensures complete traceability with no additional input, and the raw data collected is then available for KPIs and big data analyses.

If necessary, staff can access much more information tailored to their requirements and personal expertise. However, they are not distracted by unnecessary or out-of-date information. Clear activity lists match comprehensive material lists and detailed operating procedures (from PDF files to 2D/3D CAD data and complex training videos). Communication on the shop floor is in real time with DESC. Material requirements, transport notices, fault messages and suggested improvements is just some of the information that is passed to the competent parties effectively and automatically.

An integrated qualification matrix gives superiors a clear picture of the current situation, and allows them to plan and implement training sessions and professional development courses as and when required. If an employee does not have the specific qualifications for an upcoming job or process, he or she receives training on the job with more detailed information and the help of a training mentor. The mentor can also “upgrade” the employee to the new skill level with a digitally signed certificate. A job list available at the workstation provides a clear overview of current, completed and planned jobs. Jobs are started, interrupted and ended on the basis of personal login. The times recorded can be classified and allocated directly to the product, the job or predefined fixed costs. Alternatively, DESC can send the times to external clocking systems and use the data saved there for job planning and scheduling. Effective and efficient quality, production and process management with DESC ensures a continuous improvement process at a shop floor level, improving staff and customer satisfaction in the long term.