Intelligently networked: the modular assistance system for individual processes

Steadily increasing variety and ever smaller lot sizes are key features of production today, and staff have to adapt to constantly changing roles and conditions. The DESC operator assistance system from DE software & control guides workers individually and efficiently through production processes.

The Bavarian software provider embraced Industry 4.0 when the term was for many still a concept of the future. That is why DE software & control has established itself as the market leader for operator assistance systems over the last 20 years. From the outset, the company implemented individualised process solutions in industry for tightly scheduled series production. We have seen dynamic change over the last few years as general trends towards greater variety require further reductions in lead times and the development of intelligent assistance systems.

The DESC operator assistance system provides production staff with all necessary information at their workstations, helps them and guides them step by step through complex operating processes. Adaptive guidance through the working process in particular offers great advantages over the deterministic instructions that frequently overwhelm or confuse staff. DESC provides the right information for the current process, the operator’s level of expertise and his or her personal needs. This reduces errors and considerably improves the quality of work.

A high-performance, open and agile IT platform is essential to rapid and reliable project implementation. DESC from DE software & control is an IT platform that allows real-time communication on the shop floor to share information such as fault messages, material requirements and suggested improvements. All information can be easily transported over DESC and securely documented. The best feature? DESC operator assistance is designed to allow an entire system to be created with existing modules. What is more, the source code can be individualised. The result is a modular system that covers individual processes.

Platform-independent operator assistance

DESC is platform-independent and can be used as a complete MES or seamlessly integrated into existing IT systems ranging from ERP and MES to PLC. The corresponding solutions are as individual as the products and production stages for which they are designed. All electronically controlled automation units, visual and audio output systems and data collection equipment can be integrated into the operator assistance system. These components are used to train staff and to guide them through, check and approve assembly processes. All steps carried out by staff, the materials used and all necessary quality and process values are also securely documented. This ensures complete traceability with no additional input, and the raw data collected is then available for KPIs and big data analyses.