DE group –
achieve more together

This simple principle has been our motto from the outset. Many situations have shown that collaboration is not just faster, but is also more enjoyable, and improves quality. The universal 4.0 debate is demanding new business development strategies.

Our answer is the DE group. It brings together independent companies that work together to find the best solutions for their customers. Simple ground rules govern collaboration, quality requirements and common strategic business objectives.


We have only one aim: to make an effective and efficient contribution to our customers’ business success with our software solutions. We test innovative new information technologies in the production environment to create new applications and business models. Our training, project experience and enthusiasm help us to put ideas into practice in the Industry 4.0 context.



Our team brings together computer scientists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and process planners. With this healthy mix, our customers know that we are able to analyse and meet requirements in the MES environment carefully and comprehensively. Our expertise coupled with agile project management is what drives our project success.



An open, flexible and high-performance IT platform is key to rapid and reliable project implementation. A whole range of projects have demonstrated that our very own DESC platform is the ideal tool for mapping production-related IT processes. One central factor in the success of our products is openness and transparency. We can agree to give customers access to the source code so that they have maximum certainty for their investment.

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Ideas only grow in vibrant businesses. Structures and management must be open to innovative ideas and take a systematic and ambitious approach to implementation. As a software provider, we offer our staff a modern and flexible working environment. We take work-life balance seriously: the health of our staff is our top priority.

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