ANALYSER.DE is a flexible tool for evaluating data regardless of the database table structures.

The KPI system in DESC is based on the definition in VDMA Specification 66412. The production, machine, quality and personnel data collected can therefore be analysed and used for benchmarks, comparisons and forecasts in accordance with the MES standard. As KPIs and reports can form the basis for far-reaching decisions, thorough and therefore complex data analysis is required for KPI evaluation. The result must be output or printed in a suitable format.

The DESC technology ANALYSER.DE for evaluations and reports guides users through data analysis. Even complex database queries can be created at the click of a mouse. Both tables and a range of diagrams are available for displaying the filtered data (for example line charts, bar charts, histograms, Gantt charts, closed curves and deployment diagrams).

A combination of data analysis and display is saved as a report definition. This allows the user to therefore generate a report with the latest data at the touch of a button whenever required. Reports contain the standardised KPIs (e.g. OEE, throughput times and quality indicators) and custom KPIs. In interactive database searches, the user uses drill down to navigate through the different levels of detail – from site to plant-specific.


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