OPTIMIZER.DE is a flexible optimisation engine that resolves highly complex optimisation and planning scenarios in real time.

Why optimise?
Most – if not all – companies carry out recurring tasks of considerable complexity. These companies rely on long-serving staff who are able to solve those complex tasks each day thanks to their extensive experience.

In today’s world, when efficiency – and increasing productivity – is essential, every company should be aiming to support its staff as effectively as possible through automation. The time this saves can be used for innovation and creative problem-solving instead of being wasted on recurring jobs.

Why choose OPTIMIZER.DE?
Many optimisation products restrict the local integration of individual needs and force companies to adapt their processes to the software. We cannot and will not accept such a restriction for our customers. That is why we developed the OPTIMIZER.DE module in the DESC framework.

OPTIMIZER.DE applications include:

  • Production planning
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Offcut optimisation
  • Warehouse capacity
  • Job optimisation

OPTIMIZER.DE can be adapted to site conditions right down to the last detail thanks to mathematical modelling, and can therefore be integrated into existing infrastructures to provide individual, tailored optimisation. OPTIMIZER.DE in-memory data management combined with the flexible interfaces of the DESC framework also allows optimisation in real time.

Application: production planning
In production planning, real-time capability allows changes in production to bei analysed/interpreted in seconds and immediately incorporated into the plan. For example, imagine a defective tool menas a machine can no longer carry out the job currently loaded. In this case, a new production plan will be completed while the production Manager is being notified.

The plan is not simply optimised on the Basis of one or two criteria: it can take account of any number of criteria with differing priorities or costs. Here is a simplified outline of possible Tasks for production planning:


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  • Machines
  • Material
  • Personell
  • Tools
  • etc.


  • Item storage
  • Shift schedules
  • Maintenance
  • Faults
  • etc.


  • Punctuality
  • Throughput times
  • Tooling times
  • Warehouse capacity
  • etc.