We draw on our programming and production process experience to advise you on Industry 4.0 projects. We draw up rough and detailed concepts for process optimisation, advise interface partners and support your rollout processes.

We advise you in one or more workshops at your production site. The benefit of this approach is that all those involved in the process can be directly consulted in the event of any questions. For example, a foreman can be asked how the screen on an operating data logging/machine data logging terminal should be designed to allow intuitive operation for staff. Such information is essential for effective solutions in practice.

As software experts for manufacturing companies, we are familiar with production procedures and optimise processes in line with the principle of lean production. Our consultancy services include:

  • Bid evaluation
  • IT strategies
  • Concepts for information logistics
  • Management methods for production (e.g. lean production, CIP)
  • Optimisation of production, finishing and assembly
  • Optimisation of material flow and storage
  • Product selection
  • Production management
  • ERP/SCADA (HMI)/PLC interface specifications
  • Software development
  • Software development methods
  • System architecture and networks
  • Web technologies in business IT

How you benefit from process optimisation

The DE group provides a comprehensive package for Industry 4.0 projects that brings a host of benefits:

More rapid information and quicker access to parts/products
Fewer defects
Fewer complaints
Less remedial work
Faster training for new staff
Securing knowledge