Managed Services

To minimise downtime in critical production systems, the DE group provides a comprehensive range of operating, maintenance and support services..

The main focus in the operation of production-related IT systems is on keeping software running without changing it.

  • Availability Management
  • Change Management
  • Commissioning management
  • Incident/problem Management
  • Reporting

Maintenance & support
In line with customer-specific requirements, we provide a range of maintenance and support levels for different communication channels, availability, response times, solution times, scopes of service and places of use. Examples:

  • Hotline support, professional assistance in error diagnosis and limitation
  • immediate Provision of hotfixes after internal release
  • Development of emergency strategies and workarounds
  • Assistance in correcting data set Errors caused by program or operator errors
  • System Monitoring via remote access
  • Administrator training in system troubleshooting
  • Repetition of training and in-depth sessions for different groups of staff

We provide these and other services not just in the maintenance of our own products, but also for systems supported in operation.