Project Description

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Fully integrated MES solution for complex paint shops

The IT platform DESC from the DE group is an MES that enables the management, monitoring and control of production in real time – even for paint shops. There are many benefits to DESC, as the painting or coating process is a very complex one with increasing variety and ever smaller lot sizes. Our MES solution is a flexible and rapid response even for clients whose ordering patterns fluctuate greatly as a result of increasing individualisation. DESC is a simple and easy-to-use combination of core processes from material provision to monitoring. Our efficient technical and logistics solution optimises colour changes, block sizes and skid changes.

Order management

The fully integrated MES solution for paint shops receives jobs from the ERP system, adds essential production information and ensures punctual implementation and useful monitoring.

Detailed planning/control

Our MES plans and controls production down to the last detail so that all scheduled requirements are met in time and as effectively as possible in line with the restrictions of a paint shop. Optimisation criteria for circular planning include paint changes, skid changes, product carrier changes, inadmissible colour sequences, first run rates and material availability. Capacity for the subsequent processes is also taken into account.

Resource management

Our MES solution also manages and monitors in real time the necessary resources for painting, product carriers, robots and handling systems. For example, an integrated cycle counter plans and implements product carrier input and discharge for paint stripping at specific times. MES-based utilisation planning tells you whether you need a specific flame treatment robot and which base coat, primer and top coat booths are required. Fault messages and warnings are recorded and fault statistics generated. This ensures maximum plant availability.

Material management

The MES manages blanks and the paint kitchen. It ensures that the correct blank from the blanks warehouse together with the required paint/coating is available JIT/JIS. The containers are also controlled by the system. Labelling (with labels or RFID tags) can be managed by the MES solution or automatically recorded and reported to the ERP system.

Data collection

Data acquisition with DESC is both manual and automatic. While quantities and quality features are recorded manually, the MES automatically calculates hundreds of process values. This data is then available for big data analyses or for calculating KPIs.

Performance analysis

The data collected online gradually builds up the necessary information for all relevant indicators, so the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE indicators) of the paint shop can be easily established and sustainably optimised.

Quality management

The MES also provides effective and efficient quality management:
the management of inspection lists, test schedules and test equipment is all possible with DESC. The IT platform also records flaws in the plastic parts (scratches/blisters) and the location and position of the flaw with manual visual control. With our MES solution, you can, for example, detect at a glance the most common errors in painting or where most defects occur on the product carrier. This allows targeted optimisation.

Information management

The MES from the DE group also ensures smooth information management. For example, the platform automatically notifies the paint, skid or blank supplier following changes to utilisation planning for the paint shop. Changes to job data are immediately included in detailed planning and the information is send to the relevant departments. The MES solution thus ensures a continuous flow of information from job management to utilisation planning and resource provision. No matter where operators intervene, where changes are made or where faults occur, the persons and systems affected are automatically notified. The MES solution from the DE group relieves you of responsibility, provides efficient process optimisation support and ensures that information is sent to relevant parties in seconds.