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Information system in series assembly

Operator information systems in series assembly offer a key competitive advantage. Assembly processes in the automotive industry in particular are increasingly tightly scheduled, with growing variation and complexity. The DESC information system is rapid, highly flexible and extremely versatile. DESC is a paperless tool that gives production staff all the information they need for an assembly process at their workstation.

DESC communicates online with all standard ERP systems, and enables the integration of all electronically controlled automation units required for a given application such as PLC, screwdrivers, collaborative robots and visual and audio input/output systems. To ensure complete traceability, DESC documents all necessary process values – with no additional work required. Another advantage: job-related test data is simultaneously sent to test systems such as camera stations, and the feedback entered in a quality system for evaluation. Safety-related details are thus easily and rapidly recorded and can be traced and checked whenever needed.
Integrating mobile devices such as smart glasses and tablets and using hardware-based picking processes such as pick-by-light also optimises and speeds up the material flow in logistics. Key aspects are the reduction in distances travelled with the removal of non-value-creating activities and the reduction in or elimination of print-outs with paperless production.

Our operator information system is not just faster than other systems, it is also more flexible.
One way we achieve this speed and flexibility is by allowing the foreman or other competent persons to add information themselves without the assistance of the IT department. This enables the rapid and dynamic display of any changes for the relevant member of production staff – in the same cycle. An advanced emergency system meets the needs of industrial clients and avoids production loss and plant downtime.

Its flexibility and the regular selection of information makes DESC the perfect integration platform for the shop floor.