Project Description

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Innovative picking solution in the automotive industry

The challenge

Ensuring a continuous supply of parts to the assembly facilities of a car manufacturer; the parts were to be supplied by an external logistics provider just in sequence (JIS). Sequence containers were to ensure smooth and error-free sequencing.

The DE solution

Successfully combining DESC with an individual pick-by-X picking solution met all project requirements. Pick-by-X reports, distributes and documents picking jobs using LED displays on the racks and trolleys. Both pick and put processes have now been implemented and are centrally managed by BACKBONE.DE. Order data can also be imported from third-party systems (for example ERP and the logistics system). The system allows inventory posting feedback and e-kanban control. In this project, 32 areas were fitted with c. 4000 pick-by-light modules and 69 picking trolleys with c. 1000 modules. A total of c. 6 tonnes of aluminium profiles were installed.

DE Plus

  • Up to 50 % reduction in throughput times compared to conventional picking thanks to the visual indication of picking and destination points and the reduction in distances for pickers.
  • More ergonomic picking process (no hands)
  • Cost savings thanks to more efficient staff deployment
  • Greater employee satisfaction thanks to greater acceptance of the picking process