Project Description

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Integrated data platform in the automotive industry

BACKBONE.DE is an open platform for the comprehensive integration of a wide range business applications. It is both middleware for ETL processes and a transaction workflow engine for production.

Secure and reliable bidirectional communication between different IT systems, often from different software providers, poses a major challenge for many companies today. The secure communication of interdisciplinary information in real time is the basis for an efficient Industry 4.0 strategy. Data from different departments (for example from Development and the shop floor to management and vice versa) must be usefully compiled and made available for analysis. New software versions for existing systems and the launch of new software applications frequently disrupt previously stable communication as interfaces are no longer compatible.

The example of an efficient process solution for leading automotive groups shows how BACKBONE.DE can simply and effectively resolve interface problems. In the case in question, we were able to use a customer’s existing BACKBONE.DE system to map the new and incompatible interfaces without disrupting processes. We even further improved the performance of the new and existing interfaces. In our client’s words, this was “top-quality optimisation”. That optimisation came from replacing the polling previously used with event-driven communication. BACKBONE.DE offers a highly efficient process for interface modernisation, as it already includes standard interfaces for many components and these simply need to be reconfigured. New customer-specific and software-specific interfaces can be configured simply, securely and rapidly with BACKBONE.DE.