Project Description

DESC worker assistance system

The smart solution for the shop floor

The DESC worker assistance system provides the production employees with all of the necessary information at their workstations, but most importantly helps and guides them step by step through complex operating processes. Especially the adaptive guidance throughout the relevant working process offers great advantages comparing to the deterministically instructions, which often overwhelm or confuse production employees. DESC provides the right information for the relevant process in a timely manner, taking the operator’s level of expertise and their personal needs into consideration. Therefore the process is less error prone and improves the quality of work.

our system can be easily integrated with the following solutions:

  • Registration and connection through RFID and QR code
  • Step by step information via video / picture
  • Material picking via Pick-by-Light
  • Scale systems for weight checking
  • Control via wearable
  • Article-Merging by scanning
  • Laser visualization on the workpiece
  • Communication hardware / DESC
  • Demand-based process control
  • Confirmation of check lists on wearable devices
  • Entry of processing data and documentation

The DESC worker assistance system works INLINE. Instead of checking for OK or NOK at the end of the process, the individual process steps are checked and secured throughout the workflow.

Registration and connection through RFID and QR code

Individual employees, as well as hardware which is integrated in the DESC environment can log-in to the system using RFID or a QR code. As a result, DESC only approves activities for which the employee is appropriately qualified.

Step by step information via video / picture

Each work step can be visualized via a video or image to support the worker in his work and create a safe environment.

Videos and pictures are shown from the operator’s perspective and therefore guarantee the best possible orientation.

Article removal via Pick-by-Light

The required material is illuminated on the material removal compartment, can then be removed by the worker and confirmed, by pressing for example a button or other intervention check mechanisms. In the background of DESC, parts lists and used materials are recorded and documented automatically.

Weight scale system for weight testing

A weight scale system checks the part list for the weight of the required material and automatically instructs the next working step if a match has been generated.

Control via wearable

Processes can be controlled and released regardless of location. The required information/ instructions are displayed directly on the wearable.

Article merging by scanning

Information for a specific work piece can be merged using a QR code scanner for the material and the relevant part list for the work piece.

Laser visualization on the workpiece

The correct screw or slot is illuminated by a laser directly on the work piece. An error or mix-up of components is therefore impossible.

Communication hardware / DESC

Integrated hardware from third-party manufacturers can communicate with our DESC system and provide feedback, as well as approvals on the respective working step, for example “check the torque of a screw connection and if correct, release the next step”.

Demand-based process control

Every process and working environment is unique. Our system can use the following inputs to control or confirm processes:

  • Wearables
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Hand switch
  • Foot switch
  • Contactless intervention controls

Check list confirmation on a wearable device

Check lists can be confirmed regardless of the location using a wearable device. Simultaneously, relevant data will be distributed to where it’s needed e.g. quality management or maintenance.

Data Entry and documentation

In addition to the area of visualization and security, the documentation is the third main component of the DESC worker assistance system. Data is recorded, processed and centrally stored, making it available throughout the entire process where it’s needed.

DESC is platform-independent and can be used as a complete standalone MES or seamlessly integrated into existing IT architecture ranging from ERP,MES as well as PLC. Our well designed and configurable solutions are as individual as your products and production processes. All electronically controlled automation units, visual and audio output systems, and data collection equipment can be integrated into the operator assistance system. These components are not only used to train employees, but also to guide them through, check and approve assembly processes. All process steps carried out by the employees, all used materials, as well as all necessary quality and process requirements are securely documented by the system. This ensures complete traceability with no additional input, and allows for the collected raw data to be used for KPIs and big data analysis.

You can find more information and videos on our DESC worker assistance solution below…